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Our Job Grading System and Job Analysis Methodology

  • evaluates jobs based on their internal value and attributes within the organization, helping establish internal equity and structure. We assess the relative worth and importance of different job roles, ensuring fair and consistent evaluations.

  • integrates Job Analysis to optimize workforce management. By aligning job roles with business objectives, our methodology enables companies to make informed decisions regarding recruitment, selection, compensation, training, and career development.

  • is based on hard business data, helping employees better understand the value of their roles within the organization. This promotes a sense of fairness and motivation within the workforce, fostering a positive work environment.

Whether you're a small startup or a large corporation, we provide an unbiased evaluation of business roles, ensuring fairness and consistency in assessing positions across your company.

Our Performance Appraisal System Offers

  • Objective and Comprehensive Evaluation: Our methodology provides a robust framework for conducting fair and objective performance assessments. Establishing clear performance criteria, ensures a comprehensive evaluation that accurately reflects individual contributions and areas for growth.

  • Goal Setting and Alignment: With our Performance Appraisal System, you can effectively align individual goals with your company's strategic objectives enhancing accountability, driving employee engagement, and ensuring everyone is working towards a common vision.

  • Data-Driven Insights: Our methodology provides actionable data that enables informed decision-making to optimize resource allocation, leveling individual and group performance,  succession planning, and talent development strategies.

We prepare leaders to deliver timely feedback and engage in coaching conversations with employees, promoting continuous development and improvement to maximize employee potential and addressing performance gaps in a proactive manner.

Online 360 Feedback – The Repertory Grid method

  • Our Online 360 Feedback is fueled by the classic Repertoir Grid method based on Kelly's theory.

  • This cutting-edge approach gathers feedback from multiple perspectives to provide individuals with a comprehensive understanding of their impact on business results and collaboration using a simple yet impactful binary appraisal system (yes-no)
  • The evaluation criteria are personalized, based on either company values, critical competencies specific to the position, or the expected contribution aligned with business impact.

  • Incoming form our platform survey results are instantly processed and immediately transformed into visually captivating spider diagrams. Our user-friendly interface presents the information in an easy-to-read format, allowing you to grasp key patterns and trends at a glance.

Engage and Empower with our Interactive Online Platform. Unleash the full potential of your survey data and make data-driven decisions that drive organizational success.

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